Our Missions

Presentation of Objectif CASH missions

Typology of missions
Financial direction
Accounting, controlling, treasury, credit management, cash management and all types of information systems
Human Resources Department, Supply Chain, Industrial and Production Department, Business Unit Management and Procurement Management
Average statistical
duration of a mission
4 to 6 months in Finance Functions
Financial direction
9 to 12 months in CEO Functions or equivalent

Situations encountered

Help the company "take a step", then take a "qualitative leap"

Our clients entrust us with missions in various contexts (LBO, spin off, carve out, restructuring, treasury crises, IPO, international deployments, ERP information systems, change and project management, digitization projects, etc.).

Each time if the situation is not properly managed there is a risk for the company of deterioration of one or more key financial indicators (Ebitda, treasury, etc.).

Whether these are missions related to the Finance function or to General Management, situations encountered always involve an in depth assessment and temporary reinforcement of management teams.

Examples of missions

Sales and distribution controlling

Temporary reinforcement during the preparation of business plans, annual budgets or throughout the year .... detailed analysis of sales prices, credit notes, rebates and discounts, implementation of profitability monitoring by customers, by distribution channels, by brands, by products / product family, by commercial operations (private sales, black Friday, sales, etc.) / by season, calculations of average transaction prices and price simulations, monitoring of the performance of the sales force, calculation and monitoring of incentives and bonuses for vendors or salespeople, financial support to sales teams for negotiating / renegotiating contracts or to "product management" teams to better calculate cost of goods sold, monitoring the application of payment terms policies / DSO, delays and payment means, support for the calculation of Year-End discounts…

Some examples of recent achievements in this area:

  • Participation as financial support for the rationalization of product ranges and brands
  • Framing of the credit notes process with a 30% decrease in volumes and 70% in values
  • Modeling and forecasting for the launch of new activities in manufacturing business
  • Assistance in calculating and controlling prices during sales periods
  • Assistance in setting up slow moving inventories and sales plans with a focus on margins
  • Cost reduction of 25% of after-sales service (telephony) by better organization with subcontractors and the establishment of buffer inventories
  • Etc…

Manufacturing and costs control

Implementation of cost accounting, by the standard cost or full cost method, monitoring and updating of standard hourly rates for direct and indirect labor, monitoring of raw material costs, rate of loss or rate of scrap, implementation and monitoring of cost reduction programs, analysis of deviations from standard costs (volume and price effects), updating of standard costs, monitoring of machine setting costs for new productions, major repair costs and maintenance costs, comparison of costs between different production sites or logistics sites and proposal of savings…

Some examples of recent achievements in this area:

  • Various simulations on the Industrial Cost Prices
  • Preliminary calculations for the development of transfer prices, budgets etc.
  • Business project management (Building, Railway, Aeronautics, Nuclear, Mecanical industry, Digital projects, …)
  • Implementation of quality cost monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry …
  • Establishment of a monthly monitoring committee of the real costs of references / key products associating the Research and Development Department, commercial department and product management teams
  • Participation in a value analysis program (ABC Method) with reduction of direct costs by 18%
  • Optimization of costs by better management of purchases, physical flows and inventories (transport, logistics and customs duties etc.)
  • Establishment of a monthly monitoring of industrial cost prices by workshops
  • Redefinition of management control tools following the implementation of lean manufacturing
  • Reduction in the use of temporary workers and interim services through better planning and management of Production Orders ; reduce dependancy from subcontractors
  • Assistance in setting up or migrating to a new ERP information systems (several times on SAP, Oracle, Navision, Infor M3, SageX3, Qualiac, JD Edwards, MFG Pro, etc.).
  • ERP information systems rationalization => convergence towards a one single Core Model or a unique version of SAP

Monthly reporting, budget, business plan

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Reduction of closing process from 15 days to 5 days (hard close)
  • Reduction in the time spent managing intercompany transactions and reconciliations
  • Reduce uncertaincy in operational and financial forecasts
  • Implementation of more detailed variance analyzes, comments and action plans

Accounting and tax management

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Partial sale of activity, spin off and carve out
  • Merger of 3 entities with redefinition of all the accounting processes + train accountants. Setting up of detailed diagrams by type of accounting entries
  • Participation in the calculation of transfer prices
  • Assistance with tax audits or Social Security Administration Audits (France and International)
  • Outsourcing the accounting of certain companies in Asia or Africa
  • France and International Shared Service Centers (preliminary analyzes, development of the business case, assistance deployment, recruitment and training of teams, management of first closings, performance tuning, implementation and monitoring of KPIs…)
  • Re-internalization of accounting following crash / clash with external providers or subcontractors (France & International)
  • Digitization, automatization or robotization projects
  • Implementation of the 1st consolidation on Magnitude information system in a company of 15 subsidiaries in Europe facing a very strong growth of its activities
  • Assistance in accelerating and making accounting production more reliable in the context of preparing an IPO
  • Project management / Assistance in setting up IFRS 16 in a large international group (> 100 subsidiaries)
  • Assistance with the preparation of consolidated financial statements according to IFRS standards in a Group following Burn out of the consolidation Manager in early January

Treasury and cash management

Implementation of cash flow forecasts, debt management, search for additional or alternative funding, optimization banking terms on prices, daily cash management on Kyriba, Sage XRT, Diapason, Exalog, Cash Solve, Thétys, etc...

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Management of foreign exchange and hedging (options and swaps)
  • Reduction of Account Receivables and DSO by streaming monitoring and by reorganizing methods and credit management teams
  • Implementation and monitoring of cash marathons
  • Reduction of inventories by monitoring slow movings and rotations, by implementing ad hoc procedures for specific SKU categories

Information Systems / Data Management / Digital Services

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Implementation of foreign exchange and interest rates exposures monitoring systems (internal developments under database)
  • Implementation of international treasury and cash management back-office systems
  • Implementation of SAP information systems in 15 sites (Europe, America, Asia, Africa) including FI, CO, MM & SD modules
  • Overhaul of accounting schemes, reparameterization of standard costs in a factory based in Strasbourg
  • Implementation of a direct costing system according to monthly weighted average cost method
  • Migration from SAP information system to the Navision system
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence tools (SAP BFC, Hyperion, Cognos, Qlikview, Business Objects, Anaplan etc.) covering the sales and distribution channels detailed information, “Manufacturing”, “supply chain”, accounting and the interface with reporting systems o Securing macro calculations developed in Excel spreadsheets replacing “gas bombs” developed by geek controllers
  • IT project management for the merger of 3 legal entities (1 production plant, 1 distribution and after-sales center and 1 Research & Development company)
  • Takeover of a software implementation procurement project that had slipped which lead the top management of the company to discover the fall of its service rate from 85% to 45%…
  • Etc…

Restructuring / Reorganization / Turn around

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Closure of the industrial site (450 people; € 85 million in turnover) with transfer of part of the production lines to Eastern Europe
  • Transfer of the accounting department of a large group in a Shared Service Center in India
  • Carve out of an industrial plastics division (12 countries) with significant discrepancies in cash flow
  • Renegotiation of banking terms and interest rates following a spin off
  • Closure of an industrial site in Africa
  • Regrouping of two accounting and finance organizations in one unique management platform (Morocco and Dubai)
  • Transfer of production lines between Beauvais to Orléans
  • Creation of a sub-level of reporting and consolidation of financiel statements in Abidjan + coordination with headquarters in South Africa
  • Management of the closure of one distribution site in Dakar and management of the opening of another site in Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
  • Overhaul of physical tracking of inventories flows in industry subcontracting activity with a decrease in working capital of 35 million USD
  • Consolidation of distribution, marketing and manufacturing Business Unit under one single legal entity with a unique chart of accounts and general ledger + assistance in setting up the budget on the new chart of accounts for takeover group
  • Management of IT and social aspects in a spin off project (aeronautics)
  • Transfer of one part of the finance and accounting teams of a division in France to another division in Germany (34 people involved)
  • Crisis management following a conflicting managerial situation in a Shared Service Center in Prague (healthcare)

Reorganization / Optimization of accounting and financial teams

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Managing the growth and adaptation of the finance and accounting teams to rapid turnover growth.
  • Develope job describtions and help in recrutments.
  • Management of the gradual reduction of headcounts in financial and accounting teams as part of restructuring plans
  • Integration of financial and accounting teams as part of a major acquisition and adaptation to the methods and information systems of the new owner of the company
  • Reorganization of accounting and financial teams as part of the implementation of Shared Service Centers (Poland, Mexico, United States, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Dublin, Barcelona, Dijon, Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand, etc.)
  • Outsourcing of accounting for small subsidiaries in Africa (from 5 to 15 people)
  • Transfer of part of the finance and accounting teams from France to Portugal (20 people) or Hungary (15 people concerned)

Shared Service Centers

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Reorganization of accounting services for Asia both in China (Production Accounting) and Singapore (Sales Accounting) with in parallel with the implementation of SAP information systems o Reduction of the number of people in Account Receivables and Account Payables accounting at the European headquarters in Belgium due to implementation of digital services
  • Creation of a shared service center in India (for Account Payables accounting)
    • Migration of Account Payables from all European subsidiaries to one single Shared Service Center
    • Then extension of this SSC to other reporting tasks (reconciliation of Account Receivables / intercompany transactions, support for some financial analysis in the monthly reporting and gap analysis)
  • Creation of a European administrative SSC located in Holland and in Slovakia (10 people) including:
    • Account Payables accounting
    • Cash collections and Account Receivables accounting
    • General accounting (monthly closing entries, provisions and monitoring provisions)
    • VAT declarations and exchange of goods declarations (intra european transactions)
    • Cash management with direct access to local bank accounts for about twenty subsidiaries

Financial support for international development and subsidiaries

Some examples of specific achievements:

  • Implementation and management of foreign exchange and hedging systems (hedges term, exchange options), means of export payments (credit documentary, letters of credit)
  • Takeover of the bankrupt company’s assets in Spain and Italy and start-up of all accounting and financial activities
  • Management of small entities in Africa or in the Middle East (accounting, statutory and tax accounts, financial, legal and social monitoring)
  • Supervision of financial and accounting management of entities based in China and Hong Kong
  • Supervision of financial and accounting activities for European entities located in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary

Operational and financial support for foreign companies setting up or developing in France or in Europe

From our various international experiences developed in accounting and controlling all over Europe.

Objectif CASH helps regularly foreign groups wishing to set up or develop new activities both in France or in Europe (including the accounting, financial statements, tax and social security registration, other administrative formalities, financing, grants, human resources, recruitments, etc.).


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